• May 31, 2020
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  • BRS Members Reach Five Year Contract with Siemens Mobility Inc.
    Posted On: May 08, 2019
    BRS Local 234 members employed by Siemens Mobility, Inc. (formally Siemens Rail Automation), have ratified a new 5-year contract. The Agreement was ratified on April 24, 2019, in Louisville, Kentucky, after a Special Local Meeting was called by Local President, James Amburgey, II. The new agreement becomes effective June 1, 2019, and terminates on May 31, 2024. Some highlights of the new contract are listed as:

    Annual general wage increases of 3% per year. For the year 2019 — 3%, 2020 — 3%, 2021 — 3%, 2022 — 3%, and 2023 —3%.

    Earned Vacation requirements were also improved to read:

    Years of Service                      Vacation Earned

    6 month–1 year            =                      1 week
    1–5 years                     =                      2 weeks
    6–14 years                   =                      3 weeks
    15–24                          =                      4 weeks
    25 years or more          =                      5 weeks

    Shift differential pay was increased to $0.45 per hour for 2nd shift work. A cap was also negotiated for mandatory Saturday overtime assignments.

    Parental Leave was added to the contract with up to two weeks paid leave. The Bereavement Leave Policy was updated in the contract to include an employee’s aunt and uncle (with no pay).

    The Safety Shoes and Safety Glasses allowance was increased to one hundred and $125 annually.

    The Negotiating Committee was again able to maintain the status-quo on employee health and welfare benefits. BRS members continue to enjoy the same benefits as Siemens Mobility, Inc., company officials that work at the plant.

    BRS General Chairman Michael Vencion, along with BRS Local 234 President James Amburgey, II, and Financial Secretary Robert Hundley negotiated the final terms of the contract. BRS Midwest Vice President Mattingly assisted the local bargaining committee with the contract notice, negotiations, and ratification process.

    When asked about the contract negotiations, Mattingly said. “I would like to thank BRS Local 234 members for their participation, support and backing of the local’s bargaining committee. It really is our members’ individual skills, commitment to customer service, and systems knowledge that allowed General Chairman Michael Vencion, Local President James Amburgey, II, and Financial Secretary Robert Hundley to hammer out key issues that arise on the shop floor with the company. The membership’s backing was evident through the persistence, patience, and professionalism demonstrated in negotiating the final terms of the Agreement.” He added, “Our members were faced with many tough bargaining issues during this round, which included the rising cost of health and welfare and employee benefits. Many important issues including pay, benefits, and job security were addressed during this round of bargaining and all the local members are to be commended for their hard work and support.”

    The final terms of the BRS–Siemens Mobility, Inc., Agreement run till May 31, 2024, and will continue for one year periods thereafter unless either party provides at least a 60 days written notice prior to contract expiration or the annual expiration date thereafter to the other party of a desire to terminate or modify the Agreement.

    Local 234 members are one of the few BRS-represented workforces that must negotiate under the terms of the National Labor Relations Act. They integrate Siemens Mobility, Inc., signal and communications component into prewired systems for Class I, regional, short line, commuter and transit rail operations. BRS members wire each system to precise requirements in order to meet each customer’s specifications and application. All systems assembled at the Louisville plant are carefully tested under simulated field conditions prior to delivery, to help ensure a system or sub-system’s operation upon delivery and installation in the field.

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